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A Mentor: Why, How, What or Being a Mentor

“A Mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself”

Oprah Winfrey

It doesn’t matter you are a student or a professional but if you want to achieve more and you are passionate about something from your life than you should have a good mentor. Because mentor is a person who enables you to achieve more.

In this article we will cover four major questions:

  • Why you should have a good mentor?
  • How find your ideal mentor?
  • What if I get my mentor?
  • What if I want to become a mentor?

So let’s start…

Why you should have a good mentor?

A mentor is a turning point for every entrepreneur but it is not true only entrepreneurs have a mentor. Here your occupation doesn’t matter what you have a well-defined reason why you approach someone as your mentor. There are n numbers of benefits by having a good mentor.

  • Most of the time a mentor is a senior person so he/she has a lot of knowledge or experience so you can get an advantage of their knowledge.
  • Your mentor is a mirror for you; you can find your positive or negative point from him/her.
  • A mentor always increases your will power or confidence. She/he allows you to expose yourself in front of the world.
  • A good mentor always has eyes on you. He/she tell you are on right desertion or not. But I always prefer to be awake and move forward.
  • A mentor always focuses on finding your problems and solve them on time.

How find your ideal mentor?

Ok! Now I understood the importance of a mentor than what to do?

I know how you are thinking about something like this. So just move on our next question how you can find your ideal mentor. Before we start just to make sure what is your expertise from your mentor.

  • The best idea to find a mentor start going in meetups or social gathering. Start to meet new people, talk to them, entrant more and more people as you can. But never look cheap.
  • Get little bit social twitter or LinkedIn is also a good platform for finding a mentor. Follow good people and people who work in your dream profession.
  • Always be open mind because it is not necessary your mentor is a senior person either you can learn from a baby.
  • Respect everyone. It is very important in every kind of relationship. What color you are is doesn’t matter; the thing matters your way of talking.

What if I get my mentor?

Mentorship is a very flexible or meaningful relationship. Manners or respect play a role of fuel in any relationship.

  • Your mentor is offering you his/her prices time so always take care for his/her time. Never waste their time, be punctual.
  • Be honest and gentlemen. Never showcase theme what you are because of he/she my heart.
  • When you meet with your mentor please carry a notepad and take notes from your talk. It shows how series you are about him/her opinion.
  • Listen to them carefully what they are saying. I know every time you don’t agree with them but at least listen to them carefully. After his/her you can describe your opinion also.
  • Apply their ideas or advise in your daily life. Then tell them back review about his/her idea works or not. It may be helpful for them.

What if I want to become a mentor?

First of all clap once of yourself.

“Good life is not about looking good, feeling good or having good; Life is all about being good and doing good.”

Rick Warren

And if you want to become a mentor that you are being good and doing good. It is a good thing because mentorship is not only about teaching someone but it is also about learning from them. But a thing you always keep in your mind never hurt someone because it shows how weak you are. If you have good experience and knowledge that I want to say please go to meetups and talks because there are many people searching for you.

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