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Career in Crisis Live

Career in Crisis Live

Career in Crisis Live is a series of YouTube panel discussion events curated by a Non-profit organisation Through these discussions, we will try to bring together bright minds to talk about their career journeys. We will also discuss a wide range of subjects like recognizing your passion, purpose, inspirations that will provoke conversations that matter.

Amid this COVID-19 crisis, we are doing this live event online from the vicinity of our home for everybody’s safety. These panel discussions will contain talks from our speakers about their journeys and how they turned their passion into a profession.

This panel will cover different topics from design to marketing, careers options that are more prevalent during this time of crisis, and many more. All our speakers specialize in different areas. And at this panel, they will discuss their process from being an amateur to becoming a skilled professional.

We are bringing some shining stars together, from home 🙂

Team A little Web

These are unprecedented times, with people worldwide looking to stay connected and informed. The Web plays a special role here, and we’re proud to see how the community has stepped up.

Join Career in Crisis Live, from the comfort of your homes, to celebrate our community’s actions, about different skills, career paths, and connect with each other.

If you witness any attendee breaching the code of conduct, please reach out to us at

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