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Our Mentors

Abhinav Kumar

Abhinav develops and executes marketing strategies that help organizations realize their potential. He creates a detailed marketing plan, determines the marketing message, and identifies the appropriate marketing.

Digital Marketing

Neeraj Singh

Neeraj is a multi-talented young lad. He is an illustrator and a graphic designer. He believes in the fact that an illustration is all about a story and the story-tellers. For him, the character is the plot and the plot is the character.

Visual Design Graphic Design

Nikhil Rastogi

Nikhil is a Video Editor and Visual Artist. He can create animations for intros/outros, titles, lower thirds, etc. He edit basic clips to produce a professional, final product, full range of video editing for marriage.

Video Editing Visual Design

Rahul Kumar

Rahul is a award winning CG Generalist (3D / motion graphics / compositing / digital drawing). He is also founder and ceo of a startup called He is been working for Advertising, TV and Film industry.

Video Editing Graphic Design

Surbhi Mittal

A design enthusiast, entrepreneur and mentor who believes that design will bring the next revolution in the lives of people. She has worked with companies, designers to improve their design processes to solves the right problem.

UI/UX Design Visual Design

Vishal Kumar

Vishal have been working with front end technologies since more that 2 years now. He have well experience with react, redux, angular, and other js libraries and frameworks. He is very passionate about his work.

Web Development