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Why I love the Web

The web is your best friend if you know how to use it. I love it because of it…

Why I love the Web?

Allow me to know more

Yes, the power to know more. I very quired about many scientific things such as is time machine is true, can I build a Jarvis and so on. But until I pass my schooling I don’t have the opportunity to find these answers online. But when I get my first phone it is truing point of my life. Then I find some more interesting things like Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet Of Things, AR/VR, Cloud Computing, Quantum Computing and many more. But here one thing catch my all attention it is – “How it is possible I am typing a questing and it gives me an answer?” So here again I found some more terms like Google, Searching Engine, Web Browser, Website, and hacking.

Why I love the Web, Web Allow me to know more

From here finely my journey begins. I came to New Delhi to my uncle and purchase a web Design Course from Arena Animation Malviya Nagar. During my this institution time a find my mentor Mr. Lalit Adikari. Then I realize how fast the world is changing. Then I got hungrier to know more. But as always I found someone always with me that is web.

Allow me to connect

Since I am online I never feel alone but this time not because the web is with me because expats of my industry are with me. The web allows me to connect those people those are doing great work to the community. It happens with me when I got a chance to attend Dev Fest-18. From here again I feel I am too slow. I can see the passion for technology at that time and how crazy people are. Here I interact with some people than I realize the benefit of a community.

Why I love the Web, Web Allow me to connect
Oh! that’s me at Interaction Design Foundation meetup

If you are learning something then this is a plus point if you follow all experts of that technology because by doing this you get all updations and feedbacks from the community. If you follow good people that keep you always motivated and you get all great feed as fruit.

Allow me to Share

Next term I found most valuable is knowledge sharing. Sharing is also a great source of learning, because when you are sharing something than you are revising your knowledge at the same time. But never afferid from that you are new to the technology because every great outcome coming from small steps. When I started using twitter I get a great response from the community, I feel that it doesn’t matter what is your background and what is your age…the thing only depends here is your knowledge.

Why I love the Web, Web Allow me to Share

It’s about me now about you. Here is some point I am pitching you can do more with the web. by applying them to your day to day life…

Why I love Web, Web Allow me to Share
  • Enough hunger to learn
  • Take some online courses
  • Follow the right people on social media
  • Update yourself
  • Use your time properly
  •  Meet new people
  • Share what you learn
  • Show yourself
  • Keep the loop

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